Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The patterned world of Herman Kamphuis

If you've follwed the last few mail art shows I've had, you will have seen the work of Herman Kamphuis before. The Voyageur Postal definaately has me under his spell with his haptic, patterned, mostly muted collages.  In the back of the envelope (above), Herman juxtaposes these two females so lightly that we see grace and humour all at once.

And on the front, these (probably iconic but sadly unrecognisable to this  mail artist…) sports figures flip flop in expression, colour and pattern. There is nothing haphazard about a Herman Kamphuis envelope! and this is a special envelope.  It has two pouches inside which nested the fragments and collaged card below.

 I hope you can see the subtle and controlled texture of the paint in these fragments.  I also feel as if Herman is sending me secret messages...

 It's obvious that Herman has composed these composer portraits.  But they have the feeling of something found that have made their way through time.  They have been in the bottom of a drawer and hold some meaning that we can only approximate.  Even the backs have that patina of time infused in them. Herman collages stories that come to life and shimmer in my hand.

Guido Tribute - Katerina Nikoltsu

The mail art community has not stopped grieving for our friend and fellow mail artist, Guido Vermeulen. We all have treasures that we revisit and remember him by.  But there is no doubt, he has left a big hole.
Many thanks, Kat.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Asemic Vispo for Rebecca 9.27.2014 (DeVillo Sloan)

Leave it to De Villo Sloan to send me something that makes ME speechless! 

I learned a long time ago that feeling daunted by something you can't quite pin down is a useless emotion.  You need to re-read it, live with it for a while and it will speak to YOU and your reading of it will be your reading of it and really that's all that counts.  If it moves you it's a success.

So what I like is the rhythm.  It's like a slide on an acoustic guitar.  I see lots of things in it but I'm not conviced that's the point. The colours feel egyptian.  It's full of ellipsis and a determination to be heard. It's a treasure! I'll be re-reading it again and again.

So that was the serious bit.  And this is the Mink Ranch bit. I will never tire of the Mink Ranch. Today when I was walking Lyra I was almost figuring out a reply.  

Although correspondence with the Mink Ranch is sporadic, it is hugely appreciated and worth the wait.  DVS reminds me that once upon a time I was a faithful member of the ML community… it's all just time, and I miss the bunkhouse flicks, but I'll be back and you should too!

Did you notice the DKULT stamp etc?

Banana Rag from Anna Banana!

Read the Banana Rag from cover to cover! more beautiful stamps and the opportunity to make my own - my last chance!  If you are interested contact Anna.  They are absolutely first rate!  
Her envelopes are exquisite. I believe she numbers and recycles them.  Anna was the only woman in a xerography exhibit at a local museum.  Go Anna! and don't forget banana day!

The illusive Jean Marc Rastorfer, Stamps and Graphitismes

I received a full package from Jean Marc Rastorfer.  At least I think it was from him.  This is our first correspondence and there is no address and I noticed there is a group for him on IUOMA. 

The book has forty pages of drawings.  I had admired them before. The preface is in French and I think I caught the drift. I am grateful  for this package but frustrated because I'm not sure how I can respond.  I found an old address on E's website but that was from 2008.  Does he still live there?  

Rosa Gravino documentation of 3rd Arte Correo (Argentina)

To see photos of the exhibit, click here:

Many thanks, Rosa.  I will try to send you something for the 4th annual exhibit!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Nancy Bell Scott vacates vacationland and is back to mail art!

I regret that my scanner hasn't picked up the nuance of this piece.  Nancy uses the word 'murky' in reference to her first day back in the studio for months.  I don't see it that way...  Nancy has chosen a murky ochre as her ground but she plays with light in transparency, shiny surfaces and in movement with her brush in a way that feels light and playful inspite of itself.  To me, Nancy has captured that feeling of making sense of something  before you really understand it.

Nancy tells me that she's relieved she's no longer in the 'hotbed of vacationland that is Orchard Beach'.  It sounds like her new situation is great: on a quiet street and 5 minutes into the city! Still, when the Old Orchard Beach sign comes into view as we crawl up the highway into Maine, I'll probably imagine Nancy where I first wrote to her. whatever, it's great to have Nancy back in my mailbox!