Monday, May 4, 2015

Herman Kamphuis, Herkalux, classy trash collage and doodles

Herman Kamphuis (Herkalux) Voyageur Postal is (WITHOUT A DOUBT) A big fan of the Hannah Hoch Fan Club.  Me too.  Last year's show at The Whitechapel Gallery was a stunning triumph IMHO.  This stuffed envelope from Herman, in fact every envelope from Herman ,is every bit as special, equally unique and just plain fantastic to receive!

Sometimes Herman sends his collaged envelopes through the post uncovered.  this time he found an envelope big enough to hold a treasure trove of stuff, including one of his characteristic collaged envelopes.  I was the girl balancing her head.  How did Herman know?

The back of Herman's envelope hints at the contents I will find inside.  Hannah and a Hannah inspired doodle...

 Herman always sends me a note in his mailings.  This time he has made his own version of trashpo, what I will call, 'classy trashpo collage'. He has found me some special pieces of fine paper that apparently I can use! I will post all the clippings and paper at the end of the blog, but first, here is Herman's doodle book, what he calls 'colab doodles', I feel like Carina looking at tuba man.  Herman even makes classy dooddles!

And as if that wasn't enough.  Here is the rest!  Huge thanks from Herman.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Another envelope stuffed eith sticky truths from the Sticker Dude

What I love is the the seemless intersection of 'the authentic' tax levied stamp and the sticker versions of sense.  Nonsense and sense playing hide and seek on a velum envelope!  Bliss!  Dada. But wait, is that a Ray sticker too? Many thanks!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

From Den Haag and Denial - Marie Wintzer

More wonderful postcards from Marie!  One of these days I am going to take them all out arrange and reaarange them to make new poems. They are all poetry and secret conversations.  Threads of people's lives edited.  Many thanks!

Doodle overdose from Diane Keys

Doodle stamp magnet conversion

I scanned 26 pages of doodles and stuff from Diane and then when I went to find a particular doodle I realised I hadn't scanned it! I need to find it and do that, so I decided not to deluge my readers with the cacophony of doodles and to randomly choose a few things to give you the flavour of my bursting envelope.  These are a melange of mine, Diane's and someone else, at least one someone else, a prescription of doodles.  They are all wonderfully outrageous and I will spread them around my work surface (avoiding the sticky candy that stuck to my scanner) and see what happens.  Fun fun.

Meet Thumb Girl and Stick Man - David Stafford

So I have to make a confession.  I was one of those teens and young adults who didn't go to the flicks very often.  I was making mail art, practicing my drop glides, reading stuff and dancing, not ballet. Nowadays we live in the sticks and I go to our living room and we watch an episode most nights of some box set.  I can't tell you the names of most of the actors, though.  Ok I know John Ham but not many others….

Before beginning this blog, I took the enclosed from David Stafford to Patrick to see if the faces meant something to him.  He shrugged and he watched and watches much more than I do.  So if you all know who these icons are, we will rename the blog.  Many thanks David.  I love the shapes of stickman and thumb girl!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hull of an expression, E Elkan

 E Elkan sent me some wonderful expressive mail art from Hull a few days ago! Hull will be the cultural capital of England in 2017! I have never been there but I have heard a few jokes about it and read some other things that make it sound divine, so, I was excited when I discovered this card from Hull in my postbox.

If you look carefully at the mouth of the top piece you will realise that it is exactly the same as the mouth of the 2nd image… that's because it's a cut out mouth and you are looking through to the cut up face inside.  Thr eyes have an eerie Meeah Williams feel.  E Elkan uses ink in a haptic way too! In fact the head/skull is very sculptural in feel.

Equally pleasing are E Elkan's doodly stickers. NOTE: Diane Keys, do we have another doodle therapy convert? Just in case, I'm sending a new bookie hot off the press (that has only gone out to Carina, so far) as a big thank you for this enthusiastically received mailing!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ruins of some concrete arrows are still visible, Tofu - Scott St John

I love the idea of a series of lighted beacons guiding mail across the West. Sometimes I think I ought to have lived in another century,.  Nowadays you have to plead for stamps at the post office (instead of those big gold stickers).  When I was younger and spent summers on Cranberry Island, my whole day revolved around THE MAIL BOAT.  I never missed a delivery.  I knew the most wanted list by heart and was familiar with all the postal sounds that emmanated from behind the postal window. Mail was magic, and still is.

Tofu's card evokes that mystery.  Thank you!