Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Snappy from BC and his Anatomy of (a) Genius

Rolicking fun from Studio J! Snappy in New york high on dancing. I appreciate the beautifully placed fueling paraphenalia  and provocative cut and thrust of action, non-action, anatomy.  I wonder if Snappy and Mailarta visited Anna Banana for her mail art exhibition?

itsy bitsy Taidgh mini mail art drawing

So great to receive this ATC sized postcard from Taidgh.  I love Mrs Strawberry Badger and her followers!  She looks oblivious to hurricane Joaquin stirring up trouble in the Atlantic. Remember to stay under the snake sky and avoid the ghost rain!

Aristide 3108 missing mail art NOW FOUND!

I decided to put a place-marker here so that once I find Aristide 3108's latest mail art postcard I will be able to insert it in time order!

It has been another ridiculously busy time and mail art has been pushed to the corners.  I got a great postcard form Aristide and filed it somewhere and now that I need it, it is missing.

Stay tuned and await the update, once I locate the treasure!

Ha ha, It was in the locked box buried in the garden!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Diane Keys Dkult Doodle Therapy updated doodles

Not only are we adding and passing doodles these day, Diane has my envelope ping ponging between continents, returning the contents to sender with English stamps (again)
I am the lucky recipient of altered trash, pure trash, aesthetic trash and of course the round-robin of doodles. I AM SO BEHIND on everything but I have two stacks of TLPs to send out and so much time has elapsed since I made them that I'm not sure I can remember who I sent to and who I meant to send to… 

According to my mindfulness book, the frenetic, fragmented life I am living is Toxic. Toxis, It's all the same.  I am craving long stretches of making mail art replies. I need to get my act together before the Barfa Spewart gift swap is upon us again!

So great to get part of the doodle therapy book back! 

Found object

An invite to the Squirrel Museum - Connie Jean is back!

Announcing Connie, the amazing, magnificent, invincible canary! With a flush of lemon and some really great stamps, Connie announces her return to the mail art scene. Not dead, gonenuts, and still bananas. 

I haven't got a really great excuse for my invisibility of late, except the ubiquitous time warp. I'll be adding to and sending back to Connie soon. The only thing I know about squirrels is that they sound like they're wearing boots when they run up and down in an attic and they eat my walnuts.  Many thanks, Connie, and welcome back!

Not sure why I am getting new Rituals work… that mail art exhibition came down about a year ago, but maybe it's a hint that it's about time I launched a new mail art call?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

NtholMeil, therapeutic tools, a kit - Carina Granlund (Finland)

Carina's mail art creates a world that beams with happy potential.  All the characters are hopeful, of excessive beauty, power, strength, wise beyond their years, more playful than you can imagine. Having said that, nothing could have prepared me for the delights of this parcenvelope!

Wrapped in a map of Africa was this slightly manically methodical stamped brown paper envelope. What does it mean?  It means Carina is so much more organised than I can ever hope to be...  

Unwrap the map, open the envelope and find the fat lady and the cobra plastic/fabric/buttoned boekie.
Of course I'm enchanted. 
 Apparently my lucky number is eight.  I have my own bauble-bottle-cap to remind me.
The back makes me adjust my undergarments, do a few pilates pelvic tilts and wonder, is this a calorie counter, an exercise tracker, a place to record your worst nightmares?
OH no!  It is a (drawing) kit, Carina's latest obsession! Lucky me X 8! Phew, she doesn't think I need to go on a diet, I just need to draw more.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Les Jeudis de Mme Charnonneau From Herkalux (Herman Kamphuis)

Herman has learned that the postal system is a crocodile, chomping at corners.  This is at least the second crumpled envelope I've recieved from him.  Luckily the exquisite interior envelope is unscathed. The paper Herman finds is like nothing I come across here.  It's as though he has found a magic writing desk with papers from the past..  He doesn't treat them as the little treasures that they are (THANKFULLY), he uses them playfully with panache.

 Herman has completed this beautiful altered book page juxtaposing the colour of the portrait with a rich brown ink that comes forward and recedes obscuring and revealing the words.
 Herman's note speaks of a stamp I made from one of his doodles. I am sure this delightful character will make it into a stamp too!

I got doodles from Herman from two people this weekend. These two and a collab book Carina returned, completed. FABULOUS! 

The last time I wrote to Herman I asked him how his trip to Blighty had been. Did he visit the Tower of London, Sissinghurst,  Brighton Pier?

Herman stamps

Another doodle collab coming your way soon but this time it's mostly your drawing!  I tried to use colour that you might find in that magic drawer.  Big thanks!