Saturday, April 18, 2015

Marie's "Le Mail-art C'est de la Merde' # 4

I've had this for a at least a few days.  If I remember correctly it arrived on one of the first days that our daughter was home, near Easter. Figgy gets the mail when she's home and she got this.  She LOVED it. We both did. She didn't even know that Marie has a nickname that is relevant in the text.  This mail art, no matter what Marie says has something for everyone.  For the poet, the pun-hungry, or the aesthetic colourist, Marie delivers. Even her stamp is perfect!

Huge thanks, especially as I know Marie's taking a well deserved break from m/a.

As a PS., what were radiograms?  How did they work? I once sent Patrick Telexes from Africa….

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dkult doodles and mail art for ideas

OOh la la, I have lots to chomp my way through here! I got sidetracked scanning and doodled away.  Now it's bedtime in England I trust I will wake up and get sidetracked by the contents of this full envelope when I should be doing !!??**%
Read the book pages, that are little poems. look closely at DK's trashpo collages. I will dream of… I spy an Eduardo add and pass, tiger lily's drawings and lots of counter culture badges.

Lantern love from Petrolpetal

I have been racking my brains trying to remember what i might have said to Petrolpetal about lanterns.  Perhaps it was how when I sat in my little African house in the Kerio valley, each night, that the moths flew into the flames of my lantern so in the mornings,  I would sweep tens of moth corpses into my waste paper basket, daily. Petrtolpetal sent me a lantern (as the first mail art she sent me, perhaps) I need to think about which object I think of when I think of you, Petrolpetal.  Many thanks!

Springtime mail art from Katerina

Great to get these spring tidings from Katerina. How did she know that we have two NEW barn owls roosting in our ten year old owl box that we had given up on?  We never managed to decorate eggs this year but we've been doodling and hid eggs in the bothy by colour.  Many thanks!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Confusion of Doodles - the back and forth continues (I think)

So I recognise stuff and I don't recognise stuff and I think the letter came back to me in the same envelope it was mailed in with the same stamps.  That doesn't make sense.  But if it did, HOORAY! we beat the system, the over-priced, over-regulated system!  If it came from Martha, I might regonise her handiwork, that's odd and I see Mick has contributed and I thought Mick had had enough.

Whatever there is a lot here to peruse and REUSE, extend, transform, I guess.  I'd love your theory on the stamps.  Don't tell me DK is in the UK!

Sue Marsdon regifts a postal present

Some time ago Sue, chair caner and life model extraordinaire, and I discovered that we have a mutual love of mail art.  Sue has a passion for stamps and the way they are franked so when I found a book of unused postcards that had unused  stamps on them at a charity shop in Norwich, I knew I needed to buy them for Sue.  Last week I had a highly unusual event - an artist's lunch - at my house and took the opportunity to give Sue my find.

#27 and banana consolation - Phillip Lerche, Ohio

This Saturday some of my fusepo, (stitched fused plastic) and painted paper collages go on display at a local gallery.  The exhibitions at the gallery are themed and this one is called: COLOUR AND CONTEMPLATE.  I bring this up,  not for shameless self-promotion, but because this envelope from Phillip Lerche is  colourful collection of mail art that would fit right in with the theme!  #27 is the horizontal red light print. The top image is a digitally altered collage that Phillip made. (I am not sure which way is up, but it looks great from all angles).Tthe banana stamp is a consolation prize.  I usually take part in banana mailings but this time I wasn't informed, so missed out.  Big hearted Phillip is trying to make me feel better! Philllip has also included some kind words, which I always appreciate! Thank you.