Thursday, March 26, 2015

Exciting news from Anna Banana

I wish I could go to this wonderful event.  I will certainly be sending another little something, taking heed of Anna's advice that we make our envelopes 'appealing'!

Weathered Trash from Mail Art Martha (UK)

Martha thought this trash, collected on London streets, in haste and in competition with council clean-up crews, was a 'little too tidy' so she put it out to weather.  Like all great artists, Martha's experiments yielded promise, the dripping stamps are full of possibility. 

 Also delighted with a new cat from Marths' jaguar series!

DKULT Fan Club fanzine, Borderline Grafix

So much to consider here about life, lifestyle, scientific breakthroughs, cautionary tales and instruction for success as a DKULTer. I am encouraged that so many wonderful happenings are taking place in the promise(dkult) land. 

I am concerned that one of the genetically modified mammals has escaped, though (were they relocated to local Cambridge laboratories?) Just yesterday I was disturbed by our dog, LYRA, who was barking obstreperously at the horizon.  On careful inspection I realised there was a stationary rat on the grass. I got very close, while trying to ascertain why the rat was not running away.  It looked remarkably like the specimen in my DKULT fanzine, although it may have been a bit rounder, heavier, can you call a rat fat without causing insult? 

Luckily the rat eventually moved, I missed its escape...Lyra stopped barking and I was able to return to my work. But if this is 'said' rat perhaps the engineering is not quite right?

Many thanks for BG. My copy is already quite well thumbed!

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Doodle carousel comes around again!

Morte fun and a different transformation on its way to you tomorrow!

Herman Kamphuis' ' Blondona Brunetta', timeless beauty and a few doodles

Herman Kamphuis and I always include a little correspondence in our mail art.  I wrote something in a previous correspodence that (because I used an idiom) was lost in translation and now that we have worked out the mix up he has responded by sending me all this wonderful stuff and more kind words!

I wonder if Herman wants to make a colab doodle book with Diane and me, his drawings drip with character! I intend to print out some of that fine paper above and use it in my own collages! I wonder where he found it...  Herman's paper is always so special. The way he wraps his treasures is also unique.  The inside envelope )top image) held the Blondona brunetta collage. So much material to come back to to make stories with!  Thank you Herman!

Brook Cooks gets vicarious pleasure from mailart maps!

While some get sad when the light dims and the snow and inclement weather press in, Brook Cooks takes out her collage supplies and satisfies her urge to travel by sending mail art a little further than the 250 miles she'll go to Portland. Mail art is magic and this harmonious piece helps me remember how interconnected we all are!  Many thanks Brook!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oscar Kiwifruits - Miguel Zavaroff

Everytime I look at this postcard I see something I missed before. At first there is the superficial read, a foxy religious zealot with an intersting chin.  A little later I see a kneeling figure and the zealot's lips are placed interestingly. A kiwi nose — I took the kiwi conotation from the sticker, probably randomly affixed , with the bony structure actually a clothes peg.  I'm workng with seven year olds tomorrow and they would LOVE this. It is playful, wacky and full of character! That bug is the star of the piece, though. The zealot's eyes are transfixed on the but, I feel a pilates stretch across the page.  the legs, the bug the cross in magnetic peace and discord. 

Many thanks!