Friday, February 12, 2016

Cardboard Club and Mustard - Robert Ridley Shackleton

I can't help my yearning to anthropomorphise when it comes to Robert Ridley Shackleton's cardboard-tape-mark collages. I see figures in caveman gesture.  And then again it's landscape or even mustard or custard or a field of rape in a fleeting memory.

Robert seems to have systemised his beautiful collages since I last recieved one.  I love the date and the back which helps me to imagine these in a series of cardboard club offerings.

I also appreciated getting a message from Robert! I sent him a DKult relic which he tells me he loved.  Fair trade then.

Asemic Mail from Nadia Aroca (Spain)

Great to get this strong asemic writing from Nadia in Spain! It has great energy and is beautiful.

DKult chain - Lucky Pierre

Obviously I will be frantically making 'altered crumpled trash' and sending it out. If you get one you can either print out an original or send and hope it's deciphered.  Many thanks Lucky Pierre.  I think it's the first time I've ever read a chain letter through... 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Realtor Kink from Dave Stafford

So when I saw the valentine stamps I thought, whoopee, this is my first valentine of the year!  But on closer look I realised I had misread the stamps, or the mind of the stamp-licker and this card. Realtor Kink is not sitting across a table divided by a red rose reciting sonnets by candlelight.  No, Realtor Kink  is a raunchy card, the story of a fish wife who makes it big in the midwest and is on the lips of Maerican men evrywhere as they recite the motto:  'It's all about the hair'.

Subscription Opus: Scrap Music - Jude Weirmeir

As ever briliant to get a Subscription Opus from Jude Weirmeir.  Merz music.  I feel synesthetic form. I wonder if this is Jude's take on trashpo.  There are all kinds of views about what constitutes trash and trashpo. It is baffling for me.  I think we all construct our meaning based on experience and whether we are in pursuit of beauty, flux, dada, asemics or other it is all highly subjective, but some people see trashpo in narrow parameters.

In principal I hate being labled but I also like labels. So why don't we begin with whether you think scraps=trash? I know I'm curious about whether Jude sent exactly the same ' scrap music' to everyone. I think if there is a 'run', it probably isn't trash (by my definition) but I love the idea that the pieces of this mail art hail from earlier opuses.

Jude's Opus inspores questions. Think of the doctoral theses that could be written...Does music sound different when it's spinning? Oh yeah, Vinyl is a disc but is that the point?

I start to 'inhale', 'exhale' and listen to the sound of the spider.  Can you clap a violin like you do a guitar? 

Artist in Seine, we need to commission a banana opus.  And what does pale yellow feel like to play?

Saturday, February 6, 2016

'Out of the Blue' from Cuan Miles

This is my first mailing from Cuan Miles (South Africa) and as he says, it's 'out of the blue'. 
The textures and layers of imagery, handwriting, asemic writing and possibly trash pieces all work together to create mail art that has a timeless density that tells stories and creates meaning!Cuan describes himself as a designer/cartoonist who loves to make collages.  Obviously I'm delighted to have received not just one, but two!  It's possible that there was even more in this mailing as the envelope arrived ripped open on two sides!

When I send Cuan my reply I will be securing all sides.  South Africa is a long way away.

You can find more of Cuan's work here on his wonderful blog:

Dada penguins from Anaheim

    Love the strong imagery of this collaged dadesque piece from Anaheim.The postmarks add to the random intentionality, IMHO. 
    Is self-aware good? tell me your thoughts.
    According to the TATE:
    Dada was an art movement formed during the First World War in Zurich in negative reaction to the horrors and folly of the war. The art, poetry and performance produced by dada artists is often satirical and nonsensical in nature.