Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Press the reset button with your foot, OR ELSE

 In our apocalyptic precipice David's story has a ring of hope. I can't decide if David printed this or if it was found. Whichever way it came into being, that sillouette reminds me a little of the first first lady and I have a suspicion she never resets anything. As for me, I am going to try to find a few reset buttons.  The one for making mail art must be out there somewhere. Thank you, David! I will reply and thanks for your patience and the enthusiastic stream of mail art!

Taidgh Time

I love the time warp that Taidgh and I inhabit! I'm not sure if he wrote this in 2013 or whether it is more modern than that but Halloween is coming around again and when I carve my pumpkin I think I'll look to one of Taidgh's drawings for inspiration. In a funny way, this card reminds me of Glasgow.  And did you now Ireland is really close to Glasgow?

Thank you! I love the card and will be responding soon.

The cultivated fields and ga of Asemic Front

Inspect the postmark and that will say it all. Before that, I got a message asking if I wanted to take part. Of course I do, but when? It's great that DVS gives me an elastic timeline. But perhaps that is why this has drifted.  I posted these a while ago but I wanted to remind everyone that I have them!

In a way it's good that I have not tried to respond immediately.  I am out of my depth, a feeling I love, but my first response would probably have been to look at what everyone else was doing and to respond with what I thought I should do.  Instead, when I finally get around to embarking on this, I should have embodied it in a way that will keep me from over-thinking it that will come from some other place than thinking.  Overthinking is something DVS has observed that I have a tendency to do… He can't have known I would be so swamped for so long, but it's worked out well, I think.

This is DVS' project, and I am delighted to have received these Asemic Front starters. They appeal to my sense of colour, history, multiculturalism, line, shape and that elispsis thing. I am in a very figurative place right now.  I haven't got my iron out in weeks and weeks.  Either that means I am chomping at my abstract bit, or it means I will struggle to think asemicly. I want to read the pictures - that's probably a bad sign, a bad idea. 

The thing is, I will respond and it should be reasonably soon, I hope. Huge thanks and so pleased to be part of it.  Hope I'm not holding anything up! And if anything will move me to action, it's these inspiring beginnings.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Femai l- XX woman

This is another of the mail art pieces I found in the computer bag. It looks like this time there was a use-by date. OOPs.  It looks like a great project and if you are in Vermont try to visit the exhibition!  Thank you C Mehrl and Sinclair Scripta. Sorry to let you down.

Vertical stories - from another Universe

Since I learned to read, I have assumed that symbols are to be read, receiving mail art from Marie challenges this tenet. She does this in an unambiguous way.  In a way that creates certainty even though it's make believe.  That is Marie's magic touch. 

Marie asks me to bring my imagination to her sythesis of text and imagery.  To read her story.  I wonder if I concentrate hard enough whether I will be able to hear words, whether she can send me a telepathic message.  I wonder if it would be in Japanese or French or English. Would I miraculously understand?

The first card is my determination.  The second is the right way to proceed, playfully in a fetching outfit.

 The first time I read Marie's note I read VERTIGO.  I am not sure what she means, perhaps you do.  I get vertigo when I look at Marie's work. It is just so other-worldly and so perfect.

I've had Marie's letter for a few a weeks.  I can't tell you how excited I was to receive mail art from Marie… I didn't open it until earlier today. Today was a drawing day, so I put Marie's letter in my still life and drew, it lives in many universes! 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Tofu recalls colour

 Oh TOFU, I feel so badly that I misplaced your mail art and it has been languishing (incidentally) unloved for these months, especially when it is a subject so close to my heart!  I have been making journals in schools with children this week and one of their topics was all about me. I always try and respond with a journal to their topic in some 'meaningful and honest way' before I go in, to get thinking like them.  One of my mini-books was about colours I love. They would have loved your paint chips!

As I look up at your 70s colour recall, I get it, but I would certainly need an orangey brown leather sofa colour with some acrylic paint that I accidently painted on it.  I have blocked what the paint colour was, but I can see the colour of leather.  It is chilling! I'll bet my mother knows.

In the 90s we lived in Rome and I did all that sponging of walls.  It really was a 90s thing. The first thing I'm doing when I finish this post is to photocopy lots of your color recall sheets.  I am gonna love doing this!  Thank you.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Clogs Hay and High Altitude wonder from Herman!

Herman sent me images of this mailing a few weeks ago, lamenting that I had never received it. In a scan he sent it was wonderful, but it was not nearly as gorgeous as it is to hold in my hand. The inside envelope (above) is absolutely glorious! Thank you, thank you. I love the romantic highly charged images juxtaposed with his patterned subtle collage.

When we thought the letter was lost, I tried to chivy Herman up, saying that I have had things take months, for no reason and that it would come.  As I typed those words, I had a nagging feeling that something from Herman was missing. 

OK OK, I know I keep saying it and that I will sort it out tomorrow, but my life really is rather out of control, so it's hardly surprising that I stashed some mail art: TOFU and Mehrl Bennet (OOOPS) in my computer case and somewhere along the way forgot about it. I reckon it arrived on the day I left for Maine and my thinking was I'll have time there.  But I set myself some insane drawing challenge in Maine and I wanted to see people, swim, natter and in the end I failed and I forgot. 

Then I got back and have been juggling the usual as well as going to London for the NEAC scholarship. But that is still no excuse and it suggests that I don't value the mail I receive. I promise, I do! …I found Herman's mail )and the other two pieces) while turning the studio upside down preparing for a workshop in a school.

I love the way Herman can delight me with his imagery and send me straight to Wikipedia to discover an iconic figure I should know. Alberghetti was a child prodigy who won a Tony and appeared on Life Magazine twice. I am the woman who stands on a train next to someone every else recognises and is twittering about and doesn't notice and hasn't got a clue. 

Alberghetti was from Pesaro.  I went to Pesaro when I first visited Europe in the mid 80s.  I stayed in a fancy hotel for a song,in a maid's room, eating proper meals in the dining room and swimming on the demarcated beach.  It was other-worldly. I was alone. I had my only uncomfortable hitch-hiking advance in Pesaro too.

Herman, I did enjoy my summer but it went by in a rush. It was cold and dark this morning when I took Lyra (the lurcher) for her morning walk before driving half way across Suffolk to make journals with kids in a school.