Wednesday, March 4, 2015

And the trashpo doodles go round and round DK/RG therapy

Just thought you might like to see how these doodles are progressing… I am totally bummed that DK added vellum to my envelope scrap. I wanted to add vellum to her doodles.  That's what I was thinking about as I walked in a gale force wind and intermittent hale this afternoon, only to return to discover she'd already done that. The other thing I want to say is that my scanner can't read fluorescent orange.  That OOPS sticker is fluorescent orange not some sandy blech colour. Whose lint po?  That looks decidedly Vizma like.  And the final thing I want to say is when the trashpo dooddles go round and round it just means all that trash I'm collecting to send out mounds up.  We could be doing a real disservice to the recycling authorities by being mindful and self-medicaing!

Another valentine! from Mim

This valentine came a little after valentine's day so maybe it isn't officially a valentine… but Mim inaugurated me to mail art 365 by passing on her precious stamp after she had done her 365 that I passed on to Stripygoose when I had done my 365.  One of the things about mail art in the 2000s is the caring, sharing aspect of it.  Nice.  Thanks Mim!

wisdom and generosity and trashpo from the Sticker Dude!

Love the way the envelope echos the contents of this generous posting from Joel S Cohen AKA Sticker Dude. The Fishkill Crisis illustration is by Thomas Kerr  and art direction Joel S Cohen.

It's always a wrench to put the stickers back in the envelope… I am an archivist. One day my loft will collapse but for now I will put the stickers back in their envelope. At least they remain alive on line!  Thanks sticker dude.

Monday, February 23, 2015

My only (other) valentine - Katerina Nikoltsou

Back in the day I made valentines.  They were elaborate things that I poured my heart into.  Nowadays my darling Patrick isn't so lucky, another valentine day and nothing to show for it.  I did get a card from him this year… a lurcher that looks just like our dog, Lyra.  It was signed from 'your rascal' in peculiar handwriting. So it was fabulous to get this other valentine from Katerina!

Very tardy to post… Hlelen's postcards Tofu

To learn more about Tofu's wonderful project and to order the book visit:

Graphic Score (four lines)- Jude Weirmeir (San Diego)

Love getting another version of four lines and especially like a graphic score version.
Brilliant, Jude.  Thank you!

Clemente Padin, Uruguay